Create more abundance and prosperity in your life and be unstoppable in the pursuit of your dreams.

This 8 week online course includes 8 pre-recorded weekly modules that ill give you confidence and clarity with a deep connection to your soul and intuition!

8 Weekly modules that will give you confidence and clarity

Module 1: Soul Cleanse
This week is all about detoxifying the mind and body to eliminate all toxins. I will take you through a guided process to cleanse all negative emotions and unhelpful thinking patterns. This will be a gentle self-healing journey to release all impurities and insecurities that have been holding you back. This week of healing rejuvenation will allow you to feel re-born, giving rise to your purified soul that can now be felt and heard.
Module 2: Soul Release
Release your soul from patterns of the past. Put an end to the cycle and repeated patterns. Our life doesn’t change until we change what we have always done. The soul is carried through years and lifetimes and with it, carries a heavy heart. Free your soul from past conditioning, family karma and the wounded inner child. Unhinge the connections with mindset blocks and programmed behaviours. In this week, you will create a new identity and re-write your story. Re-define yourself and re-emerge as a new and improved version of you! Free your soul so that it can be authentic and live true!
Module 3: Soul Calling
At this point, you will have completed all healing and change work. You are now ready to powerfully connect with your intuition. This week you will align with your spiritual gifts to discover your calling and what you were put on this earth to do. I will share with you some secret tools to gain clarity on your mission, vision and purpose. You will become really clear on your message and the ways to translate your calling into action. Unlock the code to your intuition to create a life of meaning and reach your full potential. This week is HUGE!
Module 4: Soul Tuition
Learn how to listen to your intuition and speak the voice of your soul. Become your own personal oracle for clarity and guidance. Together, we will discover how to communicate with our own hearts and how to get out of our heads. The divine feminine nature is to follow our heart in order to make the right decisions for what is meant to be. I will teach you how to read the signs, find the answers and reap the silver linings.
Module 5: Soul Vision
In this week, we will develop enhanced visionary skills. This will allow you to foresee the future or create what it holds. You will learn how to tap into the unconscious mind to create your reality. The mind doesn't know the difference between what it is vividly imagining and what is actually happening. Use these visualisation techniques to manifest your desired outcomes. Harness the power of telepathy to confidently create and claim the results you deserve! A powerful week to equip you with the skills to create miracles with your mind and soul!
Module 6: Soul Time
Master the art of alone time with a strategy to attract abundance. In this week, we will dive deep into solitary practices to help you get in-tune with your authentic self. These self-discovery exercises will help you examine your strengths and areas of development. You will uncover your values and core beliefs. You will really look deep inside yourself to develop your goals with confidence to take awakened action. This is your week to sit in your own company and connect with your own personal source of love. This solo time will reveal that anything is possible through self-love and acceptance.
Module 7: Energy Re-Alignment
This is an educational week! I will deliver information on understanding and embodying your feminine and masculine energy. Neither energy is greater than the other and it is in the embodiment, integration and understanding of both that brings an abundance of creative potential and fulfilment. Learn how to balance these energies for harmonious alignment and know the contexts in which they are positively conducive to happiness and success. Shed your ego and find softness, sensuality and vulnerability. With me, discover your true feminine power, create balance and ignite true love and passion in your life!
Module 8: Purpose Planner
The final week is where you apply and implement everything you have learned to achieve physical results and positive change. You will be given a road-map plan for the future with steps of action to live your soul purpose. This will include rituals to maintain your intuition and practical methods to achieve goals both personally and professionally. Follow this purpose planner, do the work and kick goals. You will then live the life you imagined and say you made it happen!


8 x 60 minute Group Coaching Weekly Webinars (Value $4500)
1:1 Private Discovery Coaching Call with Me (Value $450)
2 Months of Coaching Support & Mentoring


8 Modules (Over 15 hours of content)
Soul Strategy to integrate what you learn
The Intuition Code to manifest your wildest dreams
Meditations & Affirmations to support your journey of positive change
Miracle Manifestation Workbook ($150 Value)
The Intuition Code Method ($297 Value)
Private FB Soul Sister Group with FB Live Training
Introduction to Chakra Healing
Investment of Program $2997 (Value $9997)
*Payment Plans Available
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How it Works

Self-paced course with an online membership portal.
Log onto the course at any time and do at your convenience.
Content will be uploaded and sent to you weekly.
Modules include audios, videos and written training and tasks.
All modules are pre-recorded for you and on average 45-75 mins in length.
Daily Ritual to keep you accountable.
You will receive downloads and documents.
Access to the Private FB Group upon enrolment. A supportive community and opportunity to network and connect with kindred sister souls.
Access to the Private Group Coaching Webinar portal upon enrolment.
You will have unlimited replay.
You own the course material and resources forever.
You have unlimited access to me for on-going support and for Q&A.